iphone 12 charging station

Associate the USB-C connector on your MagSafe Charger to a suggested 20 watt (W) or more prominent Apple USB-C force connector or viable outsider USB-C connector. You can likewise interface with a USB-C port on a Mac or PC. 

iphone 12 magnetic wireless charger

The MagSafe Charger is intended to rapidly and securely charge your iPhone 12 remotely. The framework adjusts astutely to conditions to streamline energizing iPhone 12 at to 15 W of pinnacle power conveyance for quicker remote charging.

iphone 12 magnetic charger

The real force conveyed to the iPhone will change contingent upon the wattage of the force connector and framework conditions. For iPhone 12 smaller than normal, the MagSafe Charger conveys up to 12 W of pinnacle power conveyance.

iphone 12 fast charging station

It's essential to plug into a force source prior to putting your iPhone on the MagSafe Charger. This permits MagSafe to check that it's protected to convey greatest force.All force connectors have various evaluations for the sum and pace of force conveyance. The MagSafe Charger requires the accompanying appraisals to convey quicker remote charging.

iphone 12 magnetic charging station

The MagSafe Charger is intended to arrange the maximum. power up to 9 volts (V) and 3 amps (A) with a USB PD-viable force connector. MagSafe will upgrade power conveyed to the iPhone progressively. The force conveyed to the iPhone 12 at any second will change contingent upon different components, including temperature and framework action.

iPhone 12 and watch charger

When Lightning accessories such as headphones are connected, charging is limited to 7.5 W to comply with regulatory standards.
* The MagSafe Charger will also function with power adapters that provide a minimum 12 W (5 V/2.4 A) of power, but this will result in slower charging. 
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